Builder of Fine Custom Homes & Quality Remodeling

Customs West Inc., dba: Pat Brady Construction is a company that specializes in unique detailing and high quality construction. We are proud of our one to one relationship between the homeowner and contractor.

In today’s market, it is especially important to look at the reputation and longevity of contractors and those involved in the building industry. We have been building beautiful homes, ranches; and our reputation since 1980. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

We have won design and construction awards for commercial, residential and ranch projects. Our beautiful projects have been featured in quality publications such as Architectural Digest, Professional Builder, Phoenix Home and Garden and feature articles in newspapers.

Customs West Inc. is a builder that cares about quality, time schedules and human emotions that are involved with building or remodeling a custom home. We are honored to work with architects, designers, real estate agents, sub contractors and other professionals who enjoy serving their clients with quality information, products and services.

When you want to invest the financial resources, thorough planning and emotional involvement into your building project, remember Customs West, Inc.